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Paul Rudd Shares Important Life Lesson His Late Father Instilled In Him

Actor Paul Rudd wearing a dark blazer during an interview.

Although Paul Rudd didn’t always talk about the deep stuff with his late father, Michael, the actor does remember one conversation that he still thinks about today. During his cover interview with People earlier this month, Rudd recalled this special moment with his dad, who passed away from cancer in 2008. Now, the older man’s words regarding life and what comes after mean even more to his famous son. The Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania star shared some of his father’s wisdom with the magazine.

“He goes, ‘I do believe that you should treat people the way you’d want to be treated,'” Paul Rudd repeated. “You’re only here for a short while anyway, so try and do something that adds to the pot, that makes life a little bit easier for somebody else, and you’re contributing to the world while you’re here and not just taking what you can from it.”

Michael Rudd also believed that living this way would ensure that “all bases are kind of covered” if there was an afterlife. His son added some context to their conversation, explaining that his family was experiencing financial difficulties in those days.

“We were having a kind of a tough time just as far as victims of the economy and everything else, and we started talking about religion and spirituality, because we were not a really religious family,” said the actor.

Actor Paul Rudd wearing a dark blazer during an interview.
Screengrab from YouTube

It sounds like Paul Rudd’s father had a kind and positive attitude toward the world around him. What a beautiful memory for his son to carry around all these years!

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