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Lonely Truck Driver Adopts Adorable Stray Cat And Now They Travel Everywhere Together.

Life on the road can be lonely, but a faithful companion makes all the difference!

Long-distance truck driver Paul Robertson of Minnesota understands this well. For years he took his cat Howie with him as he traveled the country’s highways. After Howie passed away, Paul kept his eyes open for a new furry friend to keep him company.


Eventually, he came across a stray cat at a Twin Cities animal rescue. Paul looked past the poor thing’s scars, torn ear, and missing tooth and saw a sweet animal who needed love just as much as he did!

Not long after, Percy became his copilot, riding shotgun on a platform Paul designed himself.

Over time, the adorable pictures Paul shared of his favorite travel companion earned Percy a following on Facebook. These fans stepped up to save the day when Percy went missing at an Ohio rest stop in 2017, doing everything they could to find the lost feline. Paul said, “Within minutes, I got texts from Sweden, from Portland.”


Unfortunately, he couldn’t afford to wait for his cat to return. “I’m a commercial truck driver … and I’ve signed on a dotted line saying I will have it delivered by such and such a time. I don’t have the choice to stay if I want to.”

He continued his route, saying, “I suddenly felt like I was abandoning my child.” But just when it seemed that Percy was lost forever, a miracle occurred!

After traveling 400 miles away from the Ohio stop, Paul turned around and saw a dirty, oil-covered feline appear from under his truck. It was Percy!


He’d hidden under the cab for over 400 miles, just waiting for a safe time to come out, and his dad was absolutely thrilled.

“This little orange furry soul means the world to me,” Paul wrote in a Facebook update. “Thank you for caring about him too.”


Talk about a happy ending! Ever since then, Percy has been back as the cutest copilot ever, and Paul couldn’t be happier to have him. We’re so glad these two found each other!

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