Pit Bull Puppy Always Finds The Fluffiest Napping Buddy At Day Care.

There are two things Edna the puppy can't live without: playing and napping. Luckily for her, she gets to do both at doggy day care! Not only does she have a blast running around all day with her furry BFFs, but she's also discovered they make for excellent pillows. The pit bull from Green Bay, Wisconsin, belongs to Brianna Gottfried and her family. They said they noticed Edna's adorable habit forming back when she was a tiny nugget. Whenever she burns off all her extra energy at day care, she picks one of the fluffiest dogs, plops down right on top of them, and settles in for a nice snooze. Big or small, it doesn't matter to Edna! As long as her friends are soft and warm, she's ready to cuddle — and the feeling is mutual! "All the dogs seem to enjoy the snuggling company," Brianna told The Dodo. "Even the tiny wiener dogs." Edna enjoys these cuddle sessions so much that she never wants them to end. If she had her way, they never would! "When it's time to go home, I always have to peel her off of another dog," Brianna said. Fortunately, Edna has a snuggle buddy at home. Her brother Earl is more than happy to step up! While Edna may be bigger now that she's 8 months old, her love of cuddling has only grown. She can always find the perfect spot for a nap, even if she has to squeeze in. What a sweetheart! While Edna clearly prefers sleeping alongside other dogs, we'd volunteer as her human pillows in a heartbeat. You can see more of this cutie on Instagram. Share this story with other pet parents to make them smile.
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