75-Yr-Old Graduates College With 22-Yr-Old Granddaughter At Her Side.

It’s much easier to get through college when you have family supporting you and friends studying next to you. Melody Ormond was lucky enough to have both of those things — in the same person!

Melody, who is 22 years old, convinced her 75-year-old grandmother, Pat Ormond, to sign up for college courses back in 2017. Pat had just retired and was feeling a little bored and restless, so she took her granddaughter’s advice. By 2020, the two of them were able to graduate together!

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Pat took a handful of college courses between 1963 and the 1990s, but she never graduated with a degree. She had a full-time job and kids to raise, so it just wasn’t a priority.

But when she started getting restless during retirement, her granddaughter knew she would thrive in school. Melody said Pat has “always loved learning,” so the suggestion just seemed to make sense!

It took a little convincing, but since the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga offers students over the age of 65 a serious discount at just $70 per semester, Pat couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

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Of course, Melody loved having her grandma with her on campus! “I always brag since she started going to school with me,” she said. Turns out, she had plenty of reasons to be proud because Pat “knocked it out of the park” with her studies.

Finally, 42 years after Pat initially started earning college credits, the two of them completed their degrees together! Melody earned her bachelor’s in psychology, while Pat now holds a bachelor’s in anthropology.

As if that wasn’t enough, the grandma has already started working toward a second degree in history, which she hopes to complete in 2023!


Pat certainly found a productive way to spend her time, and getting to celebrate graduation with her granddaughter just made her accomplishment all the sweeter!

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