20 Powerful Reminders That There Is Always Good In The World

There’s no denying this past year was a hard one, but that hasn’t stopped great things from happening!

Over the course of 2020, people have triumphed, loved, and lifted each other up through hardships and victories. So if you need a little help looking on the bright side in 2021, here are 20 reasons to smile today!

1. Proof that no dream is unattainable.


2. “Dorothy anonymously bakes treats and leaves them for our apartment community. She was recently caught.”

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3. After 10 years in the foster care system, he finally found his forever family. These days, he’s thriving at home!

4. “Ten years ago I signed up to mentor an at-risk young boy. Yesterday I dropped him off at college.”

5. “Rachel has been a nanny for Curtis for over a year. When he realized her senior prom was canceled, he wanted to throw one for her.”

“Complete with her favorite foods, flowers, and dancing, Curtis (and his mom) pulled off the best socially distant prom ever.”

6. Athlete Marios Giannakou carried Eleftheria Tosiou to the top of Mount Olympus on his back.

Eleftheria has used a wheelchair all her life and has always dreamed of scaling the mountain.

7. “My dog gets really anxious in the car, so my grandma asked to sit in the back with him. The whole car ride all I heard was, ‘It’s OK, we’re almost there, brave boy.'”

8. “My PhD supervisor brought a whole box of transparent masks so I could lip-read — completely unprompted. I’m crying — inclusivity done right.”

9. “My mom is a nurse practitioner and she has been on the front lines of a COVID unit since March. She just got this shirt. I haven’t seen her light up like that in months.”

10. A boy riding a bike with broken brakes accidentally hit a man’s car. The man’s response? Buying him a new bike!

11. While replacing a utility pole, workers made sure to preserve this toucan’s home.

12. Ridan Al-Mashouly of Sana’a, Yemen, regularly feeds a local homeless man with special needs.

The 14-year-old works in a restaurant and pays for the food out of his paycheck.

13. A little kindness goes a long way.

14. “Having left school at 17 to get a job I’ve often wondered how I would fare as a student. Well, I’m about to find out. Yesterday I began a history MA.”

15. “Cleft lip and cleft palate, two week surgery.”

16. “My daughter found out a couple of weeks ago that our mailman used to be a pro soccer player and started asking him for daily tips.”

“Yesterday he told her to go get her cleats on and helped her run some drills. He did the same today. It was unbelievably sweet.”

17. “Got my first job on the 10th day of my release from prison. Starting from the bottom up.”

18. “It took me 12 years and five miscarriages to get here. He’ll be 4 in March.”

19. “After 6 months homeless and jobless, I now have a new apartment, car, and a job in a call center. And I did it on my own. So proud of myself.”

20. “Tough hike pushing a wheelchair, but got our 93-year-old Mom to see her very first waterfall.”

Not even the novel coronavirus pandemic can keep humanity down! Here’s to all the amazing moments to come in 2021!

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