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Passerby Saves Baby Hummingbird From Hot Sidewalk

A hummingbird flying next to her baby, who is in the palm of a person's hand.

When this woman spotted a baby hummingbird alone on the sidewalk during her morning stroll, she knew she had to help. Not only was it a hot day, but she was also worried about people walking their dogs nearby. So, she picked the little critter up and carefully placed him on a nearby ledge. She hoped that he’d be safe up there until his parents came back.

Unfortunately, when the woman returned almost an hour later, the baby hummingbird was still right where she left him. Not wanting him to starve, she brought him some sugar water. That’s when Mom finally returned to the scene. Thankfully, she didn’t seem to mind that there was a human hanging out so close to her child.

This woman caught the most amazing footage of the adult hummingbird feeding her baby — while he was still in the palm of her hand! She shared this incredible moment on TikTok, where it’s been going viral.

Growing up, you may have been told not to touch baby birds. It’s a common belief that adult birds will abandon their young if they detect the scent of human on them. However, according to Cornell Lab, this is just a myth. That’s why this hummingbird mom had no problem coming back to her baby, even though the little guy had been handled by a person.

A hummingbird flying next to her baby, who is in the palm of a person's hand.
Screengrab from TikTok

What a magical moment this woman shared with the hummingbird and her baby! We’re sure these two creatures were grateful for her help.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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