Passengers Were Bored In An Airport, Until This WWII Vet Decided To Lighten Up The Mood!

What do you get when you combine a delayed flight and a group of WWII vets who know how to groove? Pure brilliance.


During a layover at the Reagan International Airport in Washington, onlookers captured what may be the best impromptu grandpa dance ever! The performance actually started with three women entertaining passengers by singing The Andrews Sisters’s “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.”Out of nowhere emerged a sweet old man with some fancy moves… and he was ready to show them off for the crowd.

Then, out of nowhere, emerged a sweet old man. He was acting like he had a hurt back and couldn’t move well… but it was all part of his show.

I knew it was gonna be good when he refused to pick up his cane and he started doing his own “jig”. It’s a priceless moment that is sure to have made the delayed flight much more enjoyable for all!

This video reminds me of the senior Barber Shop Quartet that showed off their serious talent to plane passengers before takeoff. It’s always amazing to find elderly folks full of so much joy!

Check out his silky smooth moves in the video below!

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