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Golden Retriever Meets His Puppy For The First Time In Precious Footage

A tiny golden retriever puppy whose eyes are closed.

If you need a reason to smile today, seeing this tiny golden retriever puppy meet their dad for the first time ought to do the trick! Someone caught the sweetest video of this once-in-a-lifetime moment and posted it to social media. It’s amazing to see father and child getting to know each other. This clip is so adorable, we could watch it again and again!

In the footage, the grown-up golden retriever leaned in to meet his puppy in the most dog way possible. He started sniffing the little pooch’s face! Of course, Dad was way bigger than his child, so he had to be extra gentle.

“When a dog meets his baby for the first time,” read the text overlay in the video.

While the adult golden retriever was inspecting his baby, the sweet little puppy had their eyes closed. We’re not sure if this was because they were napping, or because they hadn’t opened their eyes yet. After all, this pup did look pretty young!

According to The Spruce Pets, dogs don’t actually open their eyes for about 10-16 days. Even then, their vision isn’t fully developed. Typically, it takes about eight weeks for puppies to be able to see completely clearly. The same goes for their hearing, which doesn’t develop for five weeks.

They grow up so fast…

A tiny golden retriever puppy whose eyes are closed.
Screengrab from Instagram

In contrast to this sweet clip of a golden retriever getting to meet his puppy for the first time, there was a second, more chaotic video in the same Instagram carousel. We’re not sure if this was the same little pup from the previous footage, since this account seems to post golden retriever content from many different sources. However, it’s an excellent example of how quickly these babies can grow up!

The follow-up video showed a naughty dog who had just gotten into the trash. While still a puppy, this golden retriever was obviously quite a bit older than the newborn in the other clip. This pooch had gotten garbage everywhere, including all over their face!

If these videos prove one thing, it’s that puppies are adorable during every phase of development, even when they’re getting into trouble.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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