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Park Ranger Carries Dog With Heat Exhaustion Safely Away From Dangerous Mountain.

While hiking one hot afternoon in New Jersey, Lexie Daniel and a group of friends came across a park ranger helping a dog that appeared to be suffering from heat exhaustion.

Despite all the water the pup’s owner brought with them, he was so dehydrated that he couldn’t move. Lexie’s group offered up their own water supply, but the poor boy was still struggling. Thankfully, Supervisory Park Ranger Kris Salapek was the perfect person to save the day!


They were far up the trail at that point, and the dog’s worried owner couldn’t carry him back to their car. Once Salapek realized the water wasn’t helping much, he quickly jumped into action!

In a Facebook post, Lexie wrote, “This park ranger picked up this huge dog, threw him over his shoulders, and carried him down [an] incredibly rocky hill all the way down to the stream (it was a LONG distance), and laid him in the water as he knelt beside him and poured water on him.”


Lifting a heavy dog for just a few minutes is heroic in and of itself, but Salapek really went above and beyond!

According to Lexie, the pup “must’ve been on his shoulders for about an hour.” That makes him a true hero in our eyes!


When they reached the car, Tori Matyola, Lexie’s cousin, said, “The dog was looking a little better … and picking up his head.”

Still, his human rushed him straight to the vet to make sure everything was fine. Lexie reached out to Salapek later to see if he knew anything about the pup’s condition, which is when she found out he’s doing much better!

She took to Facebook to share the good news, which relieved the countless people who were invested in the story. One viewer said, “This update 1000 percent made my day.” Same!


What an incredible rescue! We’re so glad these Good Samaritans were in the right place at the right time to help this poor pup make it home.

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