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Parents Lead Blindfolded Kids Into Brand-New House For Emotional Surprise.

new house surprise

Even in these modern times, owning your own home is a luxury not everyone can afford.

Saving for a hefty down payment and securing the financing to afford a single-family house is simply not in the cards for many working families, so when it finally happens it’s a wonderfully affirming moment. After years of budgeting, one British family was finally able to make it happen.


Hoping to give their two children the surprise of their young lives, these two parents decided not to tell them they’d purchased a three-bedroom home in a quiet residential area of Haverhill, Suffolk, England. They put blindfolds on the brother and sister and helped them up the front walk. The father had to literally lift each child up the steps because they couldn’t see a thing!

Once inside, they made the slow journey up the stairs landing outside of their new bedrooms. The kids have never had their own rooms before, and now that they’re getting older the need for privacy is growing stronger with each passing day.


The parents covered both of the kids’ doors with wrapping paper, a fitting present considering it happened to be Christmas Eve! Once mom gave them the okay they proceeded to rip off the paper covering their doors. The little boy entered his room first, and even though it is painted bright pink you can tell that he loves it already!


Meanwhile, his sister has entered her own (also pink) room, gushing about how huge it is compared to the room they used to share. Little Aliyah seems overcome with emotion right away, falling into her dad’s arms and whispering a faint, grateful “Merry Christmas” to her mother’s camera. The little boy is visibly moved as well, his little face scrunching up with unshed tears behind his eyeglasses.


In a world where kids can be portrayed as entitled, it’s a true pleasure to see kids appreciating the basics. A house signifies so much more than mere shelter for most families; it’s a symbol of safety and a beacon of love that guides us back to our loved ones after a long day out in the world. Congratulations to this sweet family for achieving this wonderful milestone and making your children so happy!

Watch the kids seeing their new bedrooms for the first time in the video below, and don’t forget to share.

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