“Parents Not Home, You Know What That Means… Alpaca On Table!”

View from behind of an alpaca sitting on a kitchen counter

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to have an unusual pet, folks on social media have you covered. Marianna Hoover is the perfect example, sharing the most adorable videos of her alpaca. Turns out, though, her experience is oddly similar to having any other four-legged friend roaming around where they shouldn’t. Though, I have to say, it’s much more odd to see an alpaca sitting on table than a cat.

In Marianna’s video, she jokingly makes it seem as though she has no idea where this particular alpaca is hanging out (yes, there is more than one). Because when she walks into the kitchen, the adorable alpaca is lounging about on her kitchen counter.

Woman “Catches” Her Alpaca on a Table, Living Their Best life


♬ original sound – Cory

In the comment section of Marianna’s video, people have lots of questions. For starters, they want to know how on earth Marianna got this cute creature on the counter in the first place. Turns out that lifting alpacas, at least for her, isn’t that hard. But we can’t forget the next important question…

“Where does one acquire an alpaca?” one person writes in the comment section, echoing a sentiment shared by many.


♬ original sound – Kai|Kinzø|Zerø

While some dream of the day they, too, can have an alpaca, others simply can’t get over the way the cute creature is sitting. Most notably, someone pointed out that they’re “loafing” like a cat. How adorable is that!?

Although we aren’t all equipped to have alpacas of our own, at least we can admire those who do online!

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