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Dog With Box Stuck On His Head Wanders Streets For Months Before Help Finally Arrives

From a distance, a black dog sits on a sidewalk with a large box on his head.

For nearly a year, a dog has been wandering around the Gulf Coast with a box on his head. In that time, rescuers have tried everything they can to rescue the poor pup. But it wasn’t until recently that the City of Mobile Animal Services were finally successful! This was made possible, of course, by the kind volunteers who took their time to help, including Martin Miller.

Because of the size of the box, traps didn’t work. Instead, they had to get creative. As luck would have it, Mardi Gras recently ended. That meant the barricades used for the event could now be used to help them corner this trapped pup they later named Bear.

From a distance, a black dog sits on a sidewalk with a large box on his head.

Although Bear still got away that day, Martin was able to get the box off of his head. This alone was a huge sigh of relief.

“I held on to [the box] for dear life and held a tree with my other hand,” Martin reveals in the comment section of a Facebook post, explaining how he did it.

Eigh volunteers smile while one holds up the box that was trapped on a dog's head.

Alabama Community Rallies to Rescue a Dog With a Box Stuck on His Head

Mere days later, the moment this community had been waiting for finally happened: Bear was caught! Soon enough, it was time to find him a permanent home. Although there were many folks interested, after going through the adoption process like everyone else, it’s Martin who gets to take Bear home!

Bear the dog stands outside, looking into the distance.

“Trying to find a good home for a dog that’s garnered this much publicity is always a big deal,” the rescue’s Director, Robert Bryant, says. “There’s gonna be a ton of people that wanna take him home. And in this particular case, we got to thinking about it, and really, who better than one of the team members that spent so much time trying to get him off the streets in the first place?”

Robert Bryant and Martin Miller sit on a couch with a WKRG reporter. Bear rests his head on Martin's lap. Marin is smiling at the dog as he pets him. The reporter is also petting Bear.

Both Martin and Robert recognize how much their community has bonded with Bear. That’s why he’s officially an animal services ambassador for the Mobile Animal Service! This means that during the day, he spends time with Miller and the public at the shelter. Then, at night, they go home together. How perfect!

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