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21 New Genius Parenting Hacks That’ll Make Your Life Way Easier

15 parent hacks

Sometimes moms and dads need a bit of help … okay, a lot of help with the whole “parenting” thing.

How do you keep young children from fighting during a car trip? How do you convince them that veggies are awesome? How can you turn boring activities into a fun time for the whole family?

Luckily some parents have come up with some amazing hacks that can make life easier for everyone. Check out the 15 parent hacks below and prepare to join the #nailedit club!

1. Use an empty veggie bag to keep the kids away from your candy stash

keep kids out of candy

2. Keep your kid busy “painting” with water and a brush. Tom Sawyer, who?

tom sawyer who

3. Cardboard slabs are all it took to keep his kids from fighting … at least until they become teens!

dad and cubicles

4. Don’t throw out the crib. Re-use it for playtime instead!

desk for tots hack
A Little Learning For Two

5. Won’t take his medicine? Trick him with a can of (unopened) soda and a straw.

parent hack 5

6. Who would have thought a clock and some colored markers could teach kids time management and self-discipline?

teach kids time management parent hack

7. Are they afraid of monsters? Arm them with this!

monster spray 7 parent hack
Happy Go Lucky Blog

8.  Have a coffee lid as a drip catcher to save your kids from ruined shirts and sticky fingers.

no more ice pop mess hack

9. Turn your lost items into an impromptu treasure hunt for your kids!

parent hack treasure hunting

10. Make your kids think cleaning is a game rather than a chore.

cleaning fun parent hack

11. Bring your kids shoe shopping … without having to bring your kids!

shoes parent hack
A Beautiful Ruckus

12. This Lord of the Rings reference is a great way to teach kids to be mindful of how much tissue they use.

lotr parent hack

13.  Keeping sand off the baby? Check!

Team Johnson

14. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a game system when you can spend absolutely nothing on an old cardboard box?

private box for creativity

15. Give your hand a rest with this DIY hack that lets babies hold their own bottles.

cute parent hack bottle

16. Save their little legs from getting injured with pool tubes.


17. Use a shoe caddy for snacks and activities on roads trips

Tip Junkie

18. Put tape over the speakers on your kid’s toys to lower the volume.


19. Put pacifiers into souffle cups to keep them clean in your bag.


20. Use caddies from the dollar store to make snack boxes for movie night.


21. Put glowsticks in the bathtub to make bathtime more fun.

Happy Home Fairy

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