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Paramedic Shares Simultaneously Hilarious And Nerve-Wracking Experience.

Image shows two panels with the funny paramedica portraying himself and a trainee, both screaming.

Jason Patton works as a paramedic in West Palm Beach, Florida. He is also a comedian. In combining his two passions, Jason created The Fire Department Chronicles. With more than a decade on the crew, Jason has plenty of experience to use in his funny paramedic videos. But use caution when viewing as you might experience shortness of breath. The cause? Laughing too hard! It is curable by breathing. In… one two, out… one two.

Jason has created numerous hilarious videos that highlight the rigors of being a paramedic. He stars in them all, portraying multiple roles, such as victim patient, firefighter, paramedic, and trainee. His videos are on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Jason is also an active partner on the Fire Department Coffee team. One of Jason’s recurring themes is “Real things I’ve seen as a paramedic.”

Image shows Jason Patton with a banner reading, "Real things I've seen as a paramedic."
Image from Facebook.

In the selected episode, Jason uses a real-life scenario to explain how a paramedic conducts cardioversion. The procedure uses an electrical shock to jolt an irregular heartbeat into a regular pattern. The process is pretty straightforward. Paramedics place electrodes on the patient’s chest (Jason portrays the patient). The machine works similar to a defibrillator.

Image shows a scared patient (relax, he's an actor) with electrodes attached to his chest.
Image from TikTok.

Patients can be frightened and think they’re going to die. The calm paramedic (also portrayed by Jason) explains that they will not die. The paramedic explains that the procedure will slow the patient’s heartbeat.

Image shows paramedic Jason Patton explaining a procedure to a patient.
Image from TikTok.

Jason also tells the patient that the procedure is going to hurt …

Image shows the funny paramedic emphasizing that the procedure is is going to hurt. Left frame says, "it's going to" and the right frame says "hurt."
Image from TikTok.

Finally, we meet Jason’s trainee (also just Jason). The trainee is trying to remember how to operate the machine while having additional issues due to nerves. Meanwhile, the patient is urging them to work faster. The trainee is clearly not prepared …

Image shows a "trainee" portrayed by funny paramedic Jason Patton as he is about to send an electrical shock to the heart of their patient.
Image from TikTok.

After pressing the wrong button on his first attempt, the trainee delivers the voltage to the patient. And, of course, the patient “dies” …

Image shows the patient unresponsive after a shock treatment. Don't worry, he's an actor, and he does come back to life.
Image from TikTok.

Not to fear. Some quick praying, and the patient revives with a start. And a scream or two. A sigh of relief passes through the room. Crisis averted.

Jason has made dozens of these hilarious videos. They are funny but portray things that paramedics deal with daily. Jason takes his real-life, stressful job and pokes fun at it. If you like laughing and want to live the experience of being a paramedic, head over to the Fire Department Chronicles and give the channel a like. Jason is a hilariously funny paramedic, and you might even learn a thing or two!


Real things I’ve seen as a Paramedic. Everyone in that room needed new pants. #ems #student #sleep

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