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Boy Missing Military Dad Throws Airplane Notes Over Fence, But Neighbor Responds In Sweetest Way.

boy throwing blue airplane over fence, old man reading blue note

“What does it take to stay close to a dad who’s oceans away?” That’s the question posed by an emotional commercial from Paper & Packaging that we had to share with you. The heartwarming advertisement is one of the best we’ve seen because it captures what it is like to be a child of someone who is deployed in the military.

The beautiful commercial hits right at the heart with that opening line and then begins to unfold the story of a little boy who is looking at a map and trying to figure out how to get in touch with his dad. He figures the best way he can do it is to make paper planes that will sail to his father.

Paper Plane 1

The hopeful boy sails the paper planes across his backyard fence and wishfully thinks they are reaching his dad.

Paper Plane 7

His kind old neighbor begins to find all the paper planes and opens them up to discover what the boy next door has been up to – missing his dad.

Paper Plane 8

The helpful neighbor decides to help the boy out and secretly mails the paper planes to the boy’s father who is overseas.

Paper Plane 6

The dad is delighted to get a word from his son and writes him back with paper planes that begin sailing back over the fence into the hopeful boy’s backyard.

Paper Plane 4

The precious boy has no idea the neighbor is behind the fence, helping the distance between him and his dad disappear.

Paper Plane 5

He opens the paper plane with a smile when he sees it’s from dad and then…more planes keep flying in.

Paper Plane 3

The commercial tugs at the heart and will leave a smile on your face.

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