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“Dad Of The Year” Builds Epic 300 Ft Luge Course In Snow, And His Kids Can’t Get Enough!

To most adults, cold weather can be seen as a real drag. It takes time in the morning to defrost your car windows, you have to shovel snow and ice off the walkway, the list goes on. But to a kid? Ice and snow can be nature’s playground! One dad clearly has a kid’s mindset; when his yard became over-taken with winter weather, he took the opportunity to construct a 300 foot luge course!

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a dad craft an epic course for his kids. Remember the retired engineer who made a roller coaster in his yard? The dad who constructed the epic course in the video below similarly crafted a thrilling creation for his kids’ pleasure, but he doesn’t just delight 1 kid… he has 15 children who are all delighted by the track!

The man’s wife shared the video below, explaining the track is 300 feet long.  “We have 15 children who we love and who all love each other. Family is what matters to us,” she wrote. “We all enjoy riding our homemade luges each year. We’ve been doing it for approximately 15 years. We began in our previous house, and now that we have a bigger yard, the track has gotten much longer.”

Wow! What a crazy family tradition.

Check out the epic video below and share!


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