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Parents Get Letter From Son’s P.E. Teacher About His Behavior & Melt With Pride.

They say the true test of a person’s character is how they act when no one’s looking.

Parents of a little boy named Lucas were surprised when their son brought home a letter from one of his teachers. Bracing themselves for bad news, they were instead delighted to find that one of Lucas’ teachers had taken the time to write them a note about the good behavior he’d displayed in gym class that day.


“I had an experience recently that I just had to share as it warmed my heart in an innocent yet profound way. It involved Lucas and I felt you should know as it is a direct refection as to what a great job you are doing raising your children,” the letter began. The teacher admitted that schools these days are “hyper-focused” on academics and standardized tests, but at the end of the day, there’s a lot more to school than just studying.


The teacher wrote about an activity called a “partner beep test” relay race that they were doing in class.

“A student in Mrs. Brown’s Life Skills class named L was in P.E. on the other side of the gym with Mr. Nolan. He finds out we are doing the beep test and says he wants to join us. Lucas’ class has already partnered up and have an even number leaving no one free. I was touched by what happened next. You see, L is autistic and has issues around making friends and socializing appropriately. I was not sure how this would play out.”

But, despite the fact that the game is meant to be played in pairs, Lucas didn’t hesitate to speak up.

“Lucas immediately pipes up and says that he and his partner would gladly have L join their group for the beep test. I thought this was very nice as Lucas is very athletic and popular in the class and throughout the school. L was very pleased to be so readily accepted.”


But Lucas didn’t stop there. Not only did he include L, he and his partner proceeded to “run, cheer, and high-five their way to the top score, not only in the class, but the school.”

“As I watched, I thought that is mostly all L wants. To feel like a genuine part of the group while achieving success. I could tell he was so happy to feel just like ‘one of the boys’ so to speak. Not to mention reaching a level not attained by anyone else. It warmed my heart because your boy made it happen so naturally. I didn’t suggest it. It was all his idea. I couldn’t have been more pleased!”


Although Lucas claimed it was no big deal, the teacher made sure his parents knew just what kind of choices their son makes when they’re not there to guide him. They’re clearly doing a wonderful job of raising the kind of person we’d all want to know, and it was so kind of this busy teacher to take the time to write this and share these observations with Lucas’ parents.

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