Owl Hilariously Refuses To Cooperate During Vet’s Educational Video.

dr. trent shrader

Veterinarians do wonderful work, and veterinarians who also educate the public in their spare time do even more wonderful work! Dr. Trent Shrader is a veterinarian who works with exotic animals and shares educational videos about his patients online. During one particularly hilarious video, an owl he is demonstrating with decides to shake things up a bit. 


owl and dr. shrader

He explains in the video that the owl has just woken up from anesthesia but that despite the groggy appearance, it’s still important for the person handling the bird to maintain awareness and stay safe. 

Dr. Shrader explains that “the main areas that we need to be careful of are the wings, the beak, and the talons.” He then proceeds to demonstrate how to properly secure the bird’s wings and place them in a safe location facing the beak and talons away from you. 

dr. shrader places owl down

However, as he lets go of the bird and moves to back away to safety, the bird surprises everyone with their reaction. The owl doesn’t spread their wings or attempt to leap out of the kennel…

owl flop

Instead, the disoriented and exhausted bird simply flops head-first down onto the ground with a resounding thud. The kennel is lined with a towel, so you can rest assured the movement didn’t hurt the bird in any way! 

After several long seconds, with vet techs chuckling in the background, Dr. Shrader approaches the owl, asking, “You all right?” 

The owl, of course, does not answer. However, when the vet lifts them upright, they look appropriately outraged at the entire interaction. For anyone who has any experience with owls, you’ll be quite familiar with the look! For those of you who haven’t, it’s a classic. 

owl wakes up

With Dr. Shrader’s exclamation of “There we go!” the owl hobbles his way up onto the low perch in the kennel. A particularly cheeky vet tech comments, “These boots aren’t made for walking,” as the owl struggles a bit to maneuver with the bandages around their feet. 

Despite the silly ordeal, the owl recovered from their grogginess quite quickly while providing Dr. Shrader and millions of viewers on the internet with a good laugh. So don’t feel too bad laughing at the owl’s blunder… because they’re just fine! 

You can see the entire demonstration below: 

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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