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5 Hilarious Videos Of Cows Being Laugh-Out-Loud Funny

cows being funny

When you picture a cow, you probably imagine a dopey animal munching on grass without a thought or care in the world. However, cows can be energetic, intelligent, silly, and even downright hilarious with their antics! We all love a good cute and cuddly cow, but you have to see these videos of wacky cows being outrageously funny.

1. Kooky Cow Giving Everyone The Creeps

This video starts with a view of the creator’s horse in the barn, and pans across to spot a black and white Holstein cow. And she’s just… standing there. The cow stands and stares at the horse as if she’s never seen something so outrageous in her life.

2. The Dairy Queen Has Been Spotted!

Another Holstein is featured in this one! Perhaps they’re the silly goose breed when it comes to cattle? This one is going on a car ride. Yes, you read that right, the cow is in the car! Where is she going, you might wonder? Why to the Dairy Queen of course!

3. A Game Of Chase Is Afoot!

Confirming our previous suspicions, we have yet another Holstein! This time, we see the field puppy out in the grass playing with a human. The human rolls a tire down a hill, and the cow ambles off in hot pursuit.

4. It’s Dinnertime, And This Cow Knows It!

Captain is on his way, the dinner bell has rung and he’s come calling! We can all relate to the joy of upcoming dinner, so Captain’s reaction to the upcoming meal is certainly relatable, but you have to see it yourself!


Reply to @camper_meg Captain’s happy leaps are legend. #cowtok #foryou

♬ original sound – The Gentle Barn | Sanctuary

5. That’s Not A Cow, That’s A Really Big Dog

This one’s being included just because it’s quite cute, but we’re not fooled! That’s definitely not a cow. Must be some new breed of giant dog. Look at it play with a soccer ball! Definitely a dog!


Grass puppy is our favorite breed ☺️ Cows are playful, curious, and loving animals, just like dogs! #cowtok #rescuecows #grasspuppy #farmanimalsanctuary #thegentlebarn

♬ original sound – tuckerbudzyn

We hope these videos of adorably silly cows and their antics have made you smile and laugh at least a few times! Even if you aren’t seeking out cows being funny on a daily basis, remember to appreciate the small moments of joy that you find throughout the day. Savor them, hold them tight, and seek them out!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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