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Outrageously Adorable Otters Bounce Along In Pursuit Of Butterfly.

otters chase butterfly

Otters are well known for their rambunctious behavior and silly antics. You can’t look at an otter and not smile! This group of Asian small-clawed otters at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Florida, gave visitors a heck of a show when they went on an important quest — to catch a butterfly flitting over their enclosure. You can’t miss these adorable otters chasing a butterfly!

otters chase butterfly

The video, posted by user ikoiko33 on Youtube, shows the group of otters, also known as a romp, frolicking in pursuit of a butterfly floating just out of reach. The otters bounce along comically, popping up into the air to try and reach the butterfly. 

Throughout the course of the video you can see the otters dashing all around their enclosure in hot pursuit, climbing over faux tree branches and dashing across grassy hills. The comedic value only increases because of the number of otters participating, with all four otters in the enclosure merrily giving chase. 

otters at disney's animal kingdom

As you watch the otters and their adorable game of chase, you can’t help but recognize how much fun they’re having. These otters chasing a butterfly are actually getting an absolutely fantastic enrichment activity. Animals in zoos and aquariums receive unique items and experiences to increase their mental stimulation and activity levels. These activities and items are known as enrichment! 

This butterfly inadvertently served as a great workout and game for the otters at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. 

If you watch carefully, you’ll also notice that the butterfly ends up unscathed at the end of the video as well. So all’s well that ends well! 

You can see the full video below:

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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