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Out Of This World: This Tiny Asian Deer Species Looks Positively Alien!

muntjac deer species

Muntjac deer, also known as Reeves’ muntjac, are unusual-looking animals that are native to southern Asia. With their small and stocky bodies and unique appearance, these deer have captivated nature enthusiasts and soccer moms alike. So, let’s dive into the exciting world of muntjac deer!

These deer are small and stocky, measuring about three feet in length and about one and a half feet tall at the shoulder. They have reddish-brown fur with a creamy white underside. Females, known as does, have diamond-shaped black facial markings, while males, called bucks, have V-shaped markings. 

Male muntjacs have short, unbranched antlers that slope backward. Like all deer, they shed these antlers in late spring and regrow them in late autumn. 

Perhaps one of their most distinctive features, muntjacs possess long canine teeth that protrude from their mouths.

Unlike many other deer species, muntjacs do not have a specific rutting period and can mate throughout the year. During breeding season this unique deer species uses another of their unusual adaptations — scent glands. 

Located near the eyes and on the forehead, these scent glands produce a musky fragrance. By leaving their scent on trees, grass, and other objects, muntjac deer mark their territory to warn away rival males and attract mates. 

But that’s not all! These scent glands also act as a warning system. When the deer senses danger, they release a powerful odor that alerts other deer in the area. 

Interestingly enough, people have introduced a non-native population of muntjac deer to the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Scotland. However, their native range runs through southern and southeast Asia. You can also find these unique animals at zoos across the globe. 

If you get the chance, you should absolutely take a closer look at this unique species! Though they look quite alien-like in their appearance, these stocky little deer are still undeniably cute. With their vampire teeth, face-hole scent glands, and pointy antlers, there are simply too many unique features to overlook these amazing animals! 

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