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Our Favorite Super Bowl Commercials That Gave Us All The Feels & Chuckles!

super bowl commercials

Yeah, we know, it’s so stereotypical to say “We watch the Super Bowl for the commercials,” but it’s at least partly true, so we own it. It costs around $7 million to simply air an ad once during the big game, so companies put a lot of time, sweat, and money into making them golden.

This year’s batch of commercials included some of the best we’ve seen in a while. From a little boy turning his football dreams into reality to Jennifer Aniston forgetting who David Schwimmer was, we had a lot of laughs and tears. While it was hard to narrow down the best of Super Bowl LVIII, we rounded up seven of our favorite commercials and added them below.

1. Dunkin’ Donuts

Ben Affleck made so many waves with his Super Bowl ad in 2023, that the company called him back for an encore, and it was perfect.

In the hilarious video, Ben decides he’s going to start a boy band called the DunKings with Tom Brady and Matt Damon. Ben brings his act to Jennifer’s work—which was a direct response to showing up to his last year. In our opinion, Matt’s one-liners are the best parts of the ad.

2. Mountain Dew

Aubrey Plaza gave the perfect personality to this year’s Mountain Dew commercial.

Aubrey Plaza became the face of the soda that notoriously amps people up. She sold the brand by “having a blast” a drinking a Dew in several different scenarios. And as usual, she gave her lines in the most deadpan way.

In the end, she offered a little excitement when her equally dry Parks and Recreation co-star Nick Offerman joined her for an afternoon ride on dragons.

3. Etsy

Etsy Super Bowl Commerical

Etsy nailed the common anxiety of finding the perfect gift.

In the company’s ad, it showed President Grover Cleveland taking his first look at the Statue of Liberty, which was, of course, gifted to the U.S. by France.

“Oh, crap. That’s a really good gift,” he says.

“Now we gotta get France something,” a woman says.

The president hit up Etsy for ideas and landed on a fancy cheeseboard.

You can watch the entire ad here.

4. Uber Eats

Apparently, “In order to remember something, you have to forget something else—make room.”

Jennifer Aniston shared that wisdom with a delivery driver during an Uber Eats commercial, which showcased several celebrities forgetting major life events as they unpack their orders. Victoria Beckham and her husband, David Beckham, recalled that Victoria was in a band, but couldn’t remember the name. Jennifer runs into her former Friends co-star, David Schwimmer, and has no idea who he is. Jelly Roll looks in a mirror and is shocked to see that someone “doodled on his face.”

6. Paramount+

Out of all the Super Bowl commercials, Paramount+’s was one of the best.

This ad was off the wall both literally and metaphorically. It showed a group of Paramount+ characters stuck in the valley of a snowy mountain valley. They took special measures to escape. We can’t give this commercial any justice with an explanation, so you’ll need to watch for yourself. But we can say it has the best Creed cameo in the history of Creed cameos.

7. NFL

After all that laughing, we had an emotional moment with the NFL’s ad.

The organization is famous for amazing Super Bowl commercials, but it truly outdid itself with this year’s 2-minute and 30-second story that showed a little boy growing up in Ghana with dreams of playing organized football.

This is another ad you have to watch for yourself. The ending is truly heartwarming.

You can find the source of this story’s featured images here and here.

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