Top Moments From The Funniest Way To Watch The Super Bowl: The Nickelodeon Broadcast.

Nickelodeon Super Bowl with play-by-play from SpongeBob and Patrick Star.

So you’re not a huge football fan? There is no way for you to understand the hype around the Super Bowl. It’s OK. You are not alone. The nation stands still on Super Bowl Sunday for “the big game.” The snack aisle sells out of your favorite chips and dip. All your friends are gathering for watch parties. And there you sit, watching reruns of some old sitcom to avoid the game. Have no fear! The Nickelodeon Super Bowl is here to save the day!


Although this is not the first time the NFL and Nickelodeon have partnered to bring you great football coverage, it is the first time the events have been broadcast simultaneously. The Nickelodeon version was hosted by none other than SpongeBob SquarePants and his sidekick, Patrick Star. The play-by-play commentary provided by the comic duo is legendary. Sandy Cheeks provides sideline coverage, and Dora the Explorer leads the auxiliary crew as the official rules trainer.

Interspersed within the broadcast are many other twists, such as labeling Travis Kelce “Taylor Swift’s boyfriend.” The banner below Taylor’s boyfriend also proclaimed he is “Good at Football.”

Don't bother following the actual players? No worries, Nickelodeon understands and uses the names we use to identify important people such as Taylor Swift's boyfriend.
Image from X (Twitter).

Live from Bikini Bottom, the broadcast adds a family-friendly and humorous twist to this yearly “sports ball” extravaganza. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes was displayed in pirate regalia. Looking pretty splendid, complete with a parrot on his shoulder!

Larry the Lobster showed off his over-developed physique in the backfield during gameplay. For those not interested in the game, plenty of slime-time fun was happening to keep you entertained. The Nickelodeon Blimp was dropping slime on the crowds. The end zone had fountains of slime for every touchdown. It was a busy evening for Nickelodeon crews.

Larry the Lobster providing some backfield distraction so you get suckered into watching the actual game.
Image from YouTube.

Super Villain Plankton made his presence known by using a giant Plankton Robot to dump buckets of “chum” over the unsuspecting crowds.

Plankton got filmed dumping buckets of "chum" on the crowds.
Image from YouTube.

Replays And Highlights Of The Nickelodeon Super Bowl

If you weren’t fortunate enough to catch the entire broadcast, you can watch a 12-minute highlight clip on YouTube. There likely won’t be any (legal) full-length replays available for a while. But now that you know this awesomeness exists, look for future partnerships between the NFL and Nickelodeon. If sportsball isn’t your thing, but you enjoy a good laugh, Nickelodeon’s Super Bowl coverage certainly brought their “A” game. Please share this if you know others who need to put this event on their calendars for next year!

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