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One Tough Act To Follow! Choir Teacher Makes A Performance Out Of Musical Reveal.

The value of a good teacher is priceless.

In addition to their kindness and patience, teachers have an unparalleled ability to creatively engage with their students – take Mr. Finn, for example. This choir teacher at Indianola High School has been making a whole event out of announcing what musical they’ll be performing next, slowly taking away the names of the ones they won’t be doing over the course of five days until… well, this happened!

@itsmrfinn Part 1: The FINAL day of our musical reveal. #musicteacher #music #musiceducation #musicaltheater #musicaltheaterkidcheck ♬ original sound – Mr. Finn

That’s right: After all those days of thinking the next musical will be one of the two remaining on the board, Mr. Finn seemed to have a trick up his sleeve.

In a second TikTok, this clever teacher shares what happened next, starting with a little acting performance of his own.

@itsmrfinn Part 2: The FINAL day of our musical reveal. #musicteacher #music #musiceducation #musicaltheater #musicaltheaterkidcheck ♬ original sound – Mr. Finn

At this point, Mr. Finn’s kids were more exited than ever about the big reveal. That last clip ends with a video being pulled up on his computer that no doubt holds the answer they long for so, at that point, getting it should be pretty straightforward, right?

Well… not quite.

@itsmrfinn Final Part: The FINAL day of our musical reveal. #musicteacher #music #musiceducation #musicaltheater #musicaltheaterkidcheck ♬ original sound – Mr. Finn

Sure, he could have made a simple announcement about their next musical, but then him and his students wouldn’t have these silly, fun memories together! So thank you, Mr. Finn, for the time and effort you put into making this reveal as special as possible for your students – and us!

Don’t forget to share this musical-reveal saga to thank this clever teacher, and teachers everywhere, for all they do.

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