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One Last Snuggle: Young Boys Share Emotional “Goodbye” To Baby Brother’s Crib.

a two-photo collage. the first is of a little boy with a hand on his little brother’s shoulder. what he’s saying is on the image: “give one hug, one last hug to it.” the second is of three little boys snuggled together under a blanket in a crib.

When it came time for Megan Elizabeth to take apart her son’s crib, she never expected all three of her little ones to be so emotional over it.

But when the big day arrived, it seems they all were feeling the weight of why they no longer needed the crib: Their baby brother was growing up. As they gathered around to say “goodbye,” baby brother admitted, “I’ll miss that bed.”

One of his brothers quickly suggested that he give the bed one last hug, though in doing so he began to cry. In turn, the older boys began to get emotional as well.

“I’m sad, too, that’s going to happen,” one of them said as he wiped tears from his eyes. “Cause when I always go in to check on him when he’s still asleep it’s gorgeous.”

Luckily, mom had a brilliant idea: “Want to take one last sleep in it?”

With the three of them snuggled in the tiny crib together, their tears were suddenly replaced with smiles. They also realized that, maybe, since the crib is too small for them at this point anyway, getting rid of it isn’t such a bad thing after all! Besides, they’ll always have what was the root cause of them being so emotional over the crib anyway: Each other!

Watch these three kindhearted boys say goodbye to their beloved crib below, and don’t forget to share.

@megan.elizabeth.x3 How am I expected to hold it together now? I was doing so good too #babycrib #goodbye #growingup #babybrother ♬ original sound – Megan

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