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Back To The Start: Retired Kindergarten Teacher Gets A Visit From Her Last Class.

jane pearson hugging one of her former kindergarten students

As we get older and advance in our education, the more teachers we have come into our lives. At some point, it becomes difficult to remember every single one that we’ve had.

That being said, there are some teachers that have a very special, and unforgettable, impact on their students’ lives. Retired kindergarten teacher Jane Pearson is a great example.

Jane was recently relaxing outside of her home when, suddenly, a group of high schoolers walked up to her while wearing their graduation gowns. At first, she seemed confused, but upon closer inspection she realized that those teenagers used to be her students – but they weren’t just any students.

These particular kiddos hold a very special place in her heart: They were her students from the final kindergarten class she taught 13 years ago! As soon as she recognized those faces, she rushed to hug them all.

“Oh my gosh, I love you all!” Jane said.

Jane taught in the same kindergarten classroom for over 38 years and after seeing her sweet reaction to her students’ surprise, we’re sure these aren’t the only students she impacted!

No matter how much times passes, there are just some amazing people that leave a mark our lives forever, just as Jane did with these students.

Watch Jane’s heartwarming reunion with her last kindergarten class below, and don’t forget to share.

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