One Kind Barista

I am sharing this story because Morgan deserves to be recognized. This story happened at Opening Bell Coffee, just a few blocks from my home in Dallas, Texas. If enough people share this, I vow to work with Morgan to find the man in the story, returning to him any ad revenue generated from this stories circulation.

(this post is adapted from Opening Bell’s Instagram post on 9.23.2018)

Today a very clean cut man came in looking for a tall, dark-headed barista that served him three months ago. That was Morgan. We had just walked in.

“That’s him!” he said. “I just want to thank you for your kindness.”

Three months ago, the man had come with basically everything he owned in backpacks and duffel bags. He sat down at a table and drank a cup of coffee. A girl came up to the register and said “why are you allowing that man to stay in here, he smells”.

Morgan replied, “he’s a paying customer and is not bothering anyone.”

The man overheard it and remembered.

Today, three months later, he came in to thank Morgan. He explained that he “had been down on his luck” and remember the dignity and kindness shown by Morgan. This moment changed him and he wanted to say thank you. He gave Morgan a $100.00 bill, shook his hand and walked out.


This story originally appeared on Opening Bell Instagram Post

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