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One-Eyed Actress Vows To Prove Everyone Wrong Despite Her Disability.

Young actress Kelsey Ellison holds up her prosthetic eye.

Actress Kelsey Ellison will not be letting her disability hold her back, thank you very much. She’s already a social media sensation with several short films under her belt. She’s even making music under the artist name Norma Night! Despite her success, the actress is still getting negative comments about the fact that she’s missing an eye. In a recent YouTube video, she let them know she’s not giving up!

“You’ll never be on screen your fake eye is too distracting,” wrote the actress, quoting users who couldn’t get over her disability.

Ellison placed the text over footage of herself holding up a prosthetic eyeball. Then, she shared a montage of herself in various roles, including one where her disability is prominently featured. This video’s comments section was filled with supportive fans who wished her all the best!

Young actress Kelsey Ellison holds up her prosthetic eye.
Screengrab from YouTube

One user pointed out that Kelsey Ellison wouldn’t be the first famous actor with a prosthetic eye. Peter Falk, who played eccentric detective Columbo on the beloved show of the same name, also shared this disability. According to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, the celebrity lost his eye to cancer as a young child.

Keep acting, Kelsey Ellison! We know you’re going to be recognized for your talent soon.

Watch the video below to see this actress’s powerful message to her detractors.

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