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Move Over, Terminator! Cancer Survivor Creates Titanium Prosthetic After Losing Eye.

Brian Stanley models the titanium eye prosthetic he made

Ladies and gentlemen, the future is now.

In the 1984, Arnold Schwarzenegger sported a bright red laser beam for an eye for his role in, “The Terminator.” Over 40 years later, a man in Southern California has engineered and manufactured his own version of that glowing red eye, and the real deal is even more spectacular than the one in movies.

Brian Stanley is a prototype machinist and CNC programmer who, unfortunately, lost his left eye to Retinoblastoma a few years ago. While it can’t be easy to lose a body part to cancer, Brian has taken charge of his condition by creating his own series of Titanium prosthetics.

On his Instagram page, he shows off a variety of new eye prosthetics that he made himself, from a Halloween-themed Jack Skellington design to incredible eyes with irises that change color. He has such fun making his own prosthetics that he rarely uses the professional one that makes his eye look just like its twin.

Why have a regular eye when you could have a laser beam eye? Come on, now.

Brian recently went viral with a video that shows off his flashlight prosthesis. Instead of having an eye on that side, he has a powerful flashlight with a 20-hour battery life. It never gets hot, and his nose and brow lines keep the light from affecting his other eye. Plus, it’s perfect for reading in bed!

The 33-year-old engineer says his “skull lamp” is manufactured from solid Titanium billet, and he’s been wearing it for about two years with no discomfort.

Many people have inquired about getting one of Brian’s prosthetics, but for now, he’s just making them for himself. Still, he has a patent pending for his work, and he seems open to expanding his cyborg eye empire in the future.

“Every facet of its design/production has not left my hands, zero outsourcing”, he wrote on Instagram. “I’ll be taking this project as far as I possibly can, so I look forward to seeing what the coming years have in store. It can feel surreal at times looking back at when I first lost my eye to Retinoblastoma, to where I’m at and what I’m doing now, and it feels good.”

This might be the coolest way to cope with a lost body part we’ve ever seen! Brian has come up with a fun way to make himself stand apart from the crowd. It won’t surprise us if his eye prosthetics take off and we wind up seeing “cyborgs” out and about every day. Isn’t technology great?

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