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Man Lists Off His Dog’s Favorite & Least Favorite Foods With Hysterical Results.

olive loves food

Most dogs love food, but Labrador retrievers are known to be total chowhounds.

Olive is no different. In fact, whenever her owner Josh Gottsegen even mentions her favorite foods, she can’t stop herself from smacking her lips in delicious anticipation. Josh, who is a children’s book author, recently shared a video of Olive’s reaction when he starts listing off her favorite dishes, and it’s just too cute for words.


Josh shared his video of himself “talking about food” with Olive along with the caption, “When listing my dog Olive’s (Labrador) favorite foods in the entire world, she seemed to be imagining a 5-star buffet.”

It’s true! Off-camera, Josh begins to list off a few yummy food options from pizza to burritos – and everything cheesy and delicious in between. Olive’s tongue immediately begins to work as she listens attentively to the litany of deep-fried goodness.


Olive’s eyes remain fixed on Josh as she imagines all of the yummy goodness he’s mentioning. Then, Josh abruptly switches gears and starts listing off a few foods that Olive is not really into; specifically, broccoli, peas, salad, and Brussels sprouts.

As soon as he mentions anything green, Olive’s tongue stops working and she gives him what can only be described as a deadpan stare.


Nope, she’s definitely not a fan of green vegetables! Olive just gives Josh that hard stare until he starts listing off more junk food, then it’s time for more “mlems!”


We’re not sure how Josh trained Olive to perform this funny trick, but we’re sure that her overall fondness for good grub played a part! When it comes to enjoying all of the finer foods in life, all we can say is “same, girl, same.”

Watch Olive daydreaming about good food in the video below, and be sure to share to make someone smile today.

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