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Oh, Hay! How’d You Get There? Horse Baffles Owner With Where She Got Stuck.

closer side-view of pixie stuck in a hay rack. she has her head turned, looking over at the camera.

If horses could talk, Pixie would be getting many questions thrown her way right now.

One seemingly ordinary day, Ann McQueen of DeFuniak Springs, Florida discovered something that had her absolutely puzzled: One of her horses had managed to get herself stuck inside a hay rack. How? That’s the question that Ann and countless others have been asking themselves ever since.

“Well, there stood Pixie in the hay rack, just looking at me,” Ann recalled. “She wasn’t thrashing, sweating or bleeding, but she was stuck.”

Relieved that Pixie didn’t seem hurt, Ann began trying to find a way to get her out. She quickly realized, however, that this predicament required some outside help. She contacted a vet who recommended reaching out to the Walton County Fire Rescue.

There, Ann could get help from Lieutenant Robin Grandstaff. She’s a horse owner herself, so she was especially happy to help out.

Using the Jaws of Life, the perplexing Pixie was cut out of the hay rack, all in about 15 minutes’ time. You would think that this silly horse would be relieved to be free from her confinement but, instead, it took some coaxing to get her out.

Once Pixie was free and confirmed to not need any medical attention at the horse-pital, Ann and the rest of the rescue team found themselves focusing on the question we’re all asking: How did this happen?

As much as we’d love to give you an answer, it seems that the way Pixie got herself into this predicament will remain a mystery. Though, the fire department’s Facebook page left a comment offering an insight we find particularly intuitive.

“This is what happens when you horse around too much,” they wrote.

Suddenly, this popular saying makes so much sense!

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