Officers Rush To Save Choking Child In Harrowing Body Cam Footage

cop rescues choking child

Heroic acts happen around us every day. For this choking child, these police officers acted as lifesaving heroes.

A young child was choking, and the parents called the Austin police straight away. The officers got to the scene quickly and, thank goodness, were able to rescue the child.

The officers used a tool to help dislodge the candy that had gotten stuck in the kiddo’s throat. Once the candy was dislodged, the policeman turned the child over and started patting his back.

When that didn’t work, they once again used the tool. Quickly, the choking child sat up.

He survived!

What a terrifying moment. You can tell from the mother’s reaction in the background that she did not take this child’s emergency lightly.

police officer and child
This image is from YouTube.

It’s not easy to navigate emergencies like this. Watching your child struggle and gasp is every parent’s nightmare. Thankfully, she did what she needed to do and called for help.

When you’re facing difficult situations, it’s not always easy to ask for the help you need. But there are always resources around, able to lift you up.

This choking child was rescued because of his mother’s willingness to reach out.

The featured image for this post is from YouTube.

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