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Husband Finds Terrified Stray Dog On His Work Commute, And Brings Him Home!

A stray dog sitting in the back seat of a car.

When this dad found a stray dog outside his workplace, he knew he wanted to give the skittish pup a good home. However, that proved to be more difficult than he may have anticipated! This pooch, dubbed “Buddy,” was extremely shy. It didn’t help that one of the family’s other two dogs, Sissy, did not get along with him! Buddy spent the first weeks in his new home hiding out in his crate.

It turns out that, with enough love and determination, anything is possible! A beautiful video from The Dodo on Facebook shows how the stray dog eventually started warming up to his new home. One major factor was the family’s son, Noah, who formed the sweetest bond with the pooch. Plus, when Sissy finally realized that Buddy wasn’t going anywhere, the other pup came around to having a new brother around the house.

Nowadays, Buddy gets along great with everyone in his new forever home. In fact, his owners can’t imagine life without the former stray dog!

“He’s a crazy ball of energy who loves attention, but he also loves really, really hard,” said Buddy’s mom. “He was the missing puzzle piece to our family.”

A stray dog sitting in the back seat of a car.
Screengrab from Facebook

Just like these awesome humans changed this stray dog’s life, he also changed theirs! We’re so glad that Buddy has such a loving new home.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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