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She Approached A Great White In Open Water, What Happens Next Will Leave You In Awe

Sharks are fearsome. They’re downright scary. Their immense size and apparent ferocity have made them the stuff of movies, nightmares and cautionary tales. For all their stigma, there are many that believe these kings of the ocean are gentle giants.

The most inspiring advocate goes by the name of Ocean Ramsey. The free diver, model and marine biologist spent her entire life in the ocean and her love for all marine life drives her to protect it.

Shark conservationist and wildlife photographer @JuanSharks follows Ramsey on her adventures and documents these incredible moments in time.

ocean ramsey

Based in Hawaii, Ocean Ramsey has dived with 32 species of sharks.  She is known widely as the “Shark Whisperer.”


Ramsey loves interacting with all marine wildlife, but her true passion is shark conservation. She ditches the diving cage and swims out into open water with sharks over 12 feet long, so far without a scratch.



The accomplished free diver can hold her breath for 6.5 minutes, which gives her the chance to get amazing shots like these.



A recent photo shoot shows Ramsey swimming with a 16 foot great white shark, as if it was the most natural thing in the world.



Despite my own reservations when it comes to 1,000 pound carnivores, these photos are incredibly compelling. In her professional life as a Marine Biologist, Ramsey studies shark behavior which gives her the chance to learn from them.


“Sharks don’t have many people speaking up for them. I’m lucky to have spent my life studying and interacting with them. Because of my specific field of study I am able to look at the body language of sharks, and get that close interaction we need to understand them.â€



Ramsey’s non-profit Water Inspired uses her amazing underwater images to promote a positive message about sharks, while ensuring the public also aware of other marine issues facing our oceans.



She says herself in the simplest terms: “By swimming with these sharks we are able to show we can co-exist and they are not going to eat you!”



“It is my hope and personal observation that the number of people who care about marine conservation is growing. It’s refreshing to see how many people are jumping on board  taking interest and an active role in daily conservation and larger organised projects.”

Watch the moment below… what an amazing window into an unseen and misunderstood world!

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