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Woman Shares Husband’s Wedding Vows And They’re So Beautiful They Belong In A Movie

Shoulder-down view of a groom and bride outside. The man is holding a piece of paper with his wedding vows on them.

Marriage is hard work — or is it? Ultimately, it depends on who you ask. That’s why a single person on TikTok asked for married folks to explain what they mean when they say it. Because, to many, hearing that marriage is “work” sounds like a huge red flag. Lots of people have responded, but Caitlin McGee’s has to be the best. She answers using her husband’s wedding vows. With them, he explains that marriage takes “work,” but in a good way (content warning for language in the video below.)

“I don’t mean work like drudgery; an early morning commute and stale coffee and watching the clock,” his vows read. “I mean work the way artists talk about paintings as vital and prioritized. It’s the most important work of my life, our partnership, and I cherish it.”

@cullinmcgree #stitch with @Liver WOOPS got too weepy might delete la8ter #fyp #marriage ♬ original sound – Caitlin McGee 🦖

Woman Uses Husband’s Beautiful Wedding Vows to Explain Why Marriage is “Work”

Through these heartwarming wedding vows, folks of all ages are getting a better idea of what it means for a healthy marriage to take work. In fact, both single people and those already married find themselves moved by these thoughtful insights.

“I’m literally a wedding officiant,” one person shares. “Those are some of the most beautiful vows I’ve heard.”

“I’ve never heard the work of a relationship as being similar to an artist working on a piece,” someone else shares. “That actually changes everything for me.”

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