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Nurses Join Pregnant Mom For Fun Labor & Delivery Dance Session.

alicia dancing manatee hospital

When you think about what a woman in labor looks like, you probably think of someone moaning in pain and clinging to her partner’s hand for dear life.

Yet for some women, the thrill of being on the cusp of meeting her new baby (not to mention the excitement of finally not being pregnant anymore!) gives her a special burst of energy that puts the rest of us to shame. Alicia Exantus of Palmetto, Florida, was that kind of pregnant lady.


When the time came for Alicia and her husband, Miller Exantus, to check into Manatee Memorial Hospital, they were so over the moon with excitement that they couldn’t help but do a little dance. It quickly turned into a whole labor and delivery staff routine, and now video of the funny moment has gone viral.

“This was the beginning of what turned into a 30 hour labor,” Alicia wrote when she uploaded the video to Facebook. “We were accompanied by the labor and delivery nurses at Manatee Memorial. I must say these women are truly superheroes and made this experience an incredible one.”


In the 30-second video clip, we see Alicia in her hospital gown doing a little jig. She’s moving around incredibly well in spite of being 40 weeks pregnant!

Next, her husband Miller enters from stage right, and before long, those amazing L&D nurses get in on the action, too.


As Alicia said, this was just the beginning of the arduous process that is delivering a baby. Thirty hours later, Miller and Alicia welcomed their new baby girl, Tatum, on August 2nd.

After Alicia shared the video on Facebook, it went viral. She says the response has been fabulous and her entire family is having a lot of fun with the experience.

“It’s been super positive and super awesome. A lot of people have reached out like ‘wow how cool is this,'” Alicia said. “A lot of people have reached out about Manatee Memorial nurses and when I tell you these are superheroes without capes they are superheroes without capes, they are incredible.”


One interesting footnote in this story: little Tatum was born in the same hospital room as her mother, and the doctor who delivered her is the daughter of the doctor who delivered Alicia. What a small world!

Congratulations, Miller and Alicia! Tatum is a lucky little girl to have been born into such a fun-loving and spontaneous family.

Check out Alicia’s super-pregnant dance moves below, and be sure to share!

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