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Comedian Perfectly Sums Up What It’s Like For Parents At Disney.

john crist disney

They call Disney World the “Magic Kingdom,” but for parents, a typical visit is anything but magical. Exhausting? Yes. Breathtakingly expensive? Definitely.

Taking the kids to a Disney theme park has become a traditional rite of passage for lots of Americans, yet there’s no denying that making this pilgrimage to see Mickey and the gang isn’t always easy. Between the hassle of getting into the park, the astronomical price of admission, and the lure of pricey food and merchandise at every turn, most parents find themselves more than a little bit broke before the day has even gotten started!


And we haven’t even gotten into the length of the lines, the crowds, and thousands of children everywhere you look! Even though we love it, Disney can be an overwhelming place to spend time with the family.

Los Angeles-based comedian John Crist visited a Disney park recently, and he, too, was blown away by the sheer chaos that ensues once he set foot inside. In a video clip that has gone seriously viral, John takes us on an up-close-and-personal tour as he cracks jokes throughout the day, and parents everywhere can’t help but laugh and say, “Same.”

comedian john crist visits disney

“$45 for bedazzled mouse ears? Baby, you want these or do you want to go to college?” John asks incredulously, passing by a stand of sparkly mouse merchandise.

Seconds later, John exclaims, “Listen, Rebecca, that dream to meet Elsa? You just gotta let it go.”


As a man-sized Tigger chases the comedian down Main Street, John shows the same distaste, bordering on fear, that many of us felt when faced with a giant cartoon character who, for some reason, wanted to hug us. “Absolutely not, absolutely not…” John mumbles as he speedwalks away from the tiger as quickly as he can.

John’s jokes range from the pain of trying to find your way around the park, the challenge of keeping track of all of your kids in the crowds, and the annoyance of having kids who want to eat every single thing they see. “No, you can’t have Goofy-shaped chicken nuggets,” he says testily. “Your mother brought ham sandwiches!”


“Oh, you want to go to ‘A Small World’ all by yourself, huh? Well, it’s gonna turn into a pretty big world when you come out and can’t find your parents.”

Perhaps John’s most relatable joke comes as he’s nearing the 10-hour mark of his day. “You know what ride I want to ride?” he asks. “A park bench in the shade.”

Sign me up for that ride, John! Something tells me there’s no Fast Pass needed for that one.

john crist disney

How did he manage to hit every single irritating aspect of the park experience like this? It’s uncanny! And yet, while his jokes are hilarious and spot-on, there’s a little part of us that wants to go back to Disney after seeing this! Maybe it’s just a craving for a $20 turkey leg. We’re sure it will pass.

Watch John’s hilarious tour through Disneyland below, and be sure to share this video with another family who will appreciate it!

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