Nonverbal Girl’s Very First Word Catches Mom By Surprise And Warms Her Heart.

For many parents of children with autism, the period between ages 1 and 4 can be particularly delicate.


While many kids are learning to talk by that point, parents of nonverbal autistic kiddos begin realizing that perhaps their child may be nonverbal for a time – or for life.

The good news is that plenty of nonverbal folks go on to lead happy lives, and some children become verbal. Just ask this proud mama!

kid's first word

While in the drive-thru at her local McDonald’s one day, Brianna Blankenship heard something she never expected. As she was ordering, her daughter, Taylor, said, “Mama!” Up to that point, she had been totally nonverbal.

non-verbal autism

Brianna quickly pulled out her camera to capture the sweet moment, later posting it with the following caption:

I am ugly crying in the McDonald’s parking lot and the employees probably think I’m crazy. In the drive thru I suddenly heard Taylor say ‘MAMA.’ For those of you that don’t know, Taylor is five and is non-verbal autistic. She has NEVER said a word. EVER.

kid's first word

The sweet little girl smiles from ear to ear as Mom revels in her massive achievement! Much to Brianna’s surprise, Taylor said the word over and over again when asked, giggling each time.

“I’m pretty sure I held up the drive thru line,” she said, “but there was no way I wasn’t getting proof of this. I can’t explain how unbelievably grateful and ecstatic I am right now.”


The response Brianna and Taylor have gotten online has been overwhelming.

“We are thrilled that this video has resonated with so many of you,” she writes in the post. “We have had messages from parents with non-verbal children telling us that Taylor’s video has given them hope and we have had people with neurologically typical kids tell us that this video has reminded them that they may be taking things for granted with their kids and that they will start celebrating the smaller stuff more often.”

It really doesn’t get much better than that.

Watch Taylor reach this huge milestone in the video down below and share to remind the people you love that everyone’s victories are worth celebrating!

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