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Kid’s Epic Mini-Golf “Fail” Turns Into Once In A Lifetime Trick Shot, Watch


This kid’s mini-golf fail turned into a once-in-a-lifetime trick shot that no one would believe if it hadn’t been caught on camera.

A little boy named Newt has a story for the ages after a seemingly uneventful putting trip took an unbelievable turn. While he was working his way through a course with his family, he came upon a difficult shot. He needed to hit his ball into the mouth of a snake, send it through a long and twisty tube, and then have it come out at just the right speed and angle to land in a hole that sat a few feet away.

When it was his turn, Newt took his best golfer’s stance, gave a strong swing, and hoped for the best. But the swing didn’t send the ball sailing toward the snake. Instead, it sent it flying off the course. His family assumed Newt failed, but the ball smacked into a fence, ricocheted off the snake obstacle, bounced around the back of the course, landed on the green, and turned into a hole-in-one. Watch the video below to see for yourself.

People Are In Awe Of The “Perfect” Mini-Golf Shot

Obviously, the crazy mini-golf shot is going viral—because how did it even happen? Commenters are sharing their shock in comment sections.

“Dude, perfect can’t compare,” one person wrote under a post shared by Pubity.

“Boy be Like- Luck 🍀 is in My Pocket 🔥,” another joked.

“The Universe Aligned for Him,” someone said.

“Dude Perfect has been real quiet since this happened…” another commenter laughed.

Other commenters suspect Newt is actually a golf hustler, and he purposely pulled off the move.

“It was a Pre-Meditated Trick Shot,” someone wrote. “He’s so good at it that it looks unintentional.”

If the mini-golf shot was unintentional, we suggest that Newt chooses lottery numbers for his mom because luck is definitely working in his favor.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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