Nobody’s Playing These! Special Drums Turn Rainfall Into Beautiful Music.

rain drums

Just when we thought rainfall couldn’t get any more relaxing, we found out that rain drums exist, and now we wonder why everyone doesn’t own a set.


We stumbled upon this special instrument while scrolling through TikTok recently. A user named Patrick Benson posted a video of its dream-like sounds. According to him, the “machine” is a mix of 17 separate drums that each represent a different culture.

The drums have a series of copper pipes that keep a constant stream of water circling, the water drops from those pipes and hits the drum tops like rainfall. When that happens, a release valve is triggered and the music begins. The sounds are a mix of “contemporary and ethnic compositions” and rhythms that mimic the rainfall.

Artist Dan Corson created the set highlighted on TikTok, and he explained that he was inspired to do so after visiting Bali and learning that there were drums that were specifically made to be played in the rain. He looked long and hard for a set, and when he couldn’t find one, he built his own version.

If you want to hear these magical drums lend themselves to the rainfall, you can visit the Cedar River Watershed Education Center, which is located near Snoqualmie, WA. The center notes that visitors can only enjoy the music when it’s 36 degrees or warmer. If Washington is too far of a drive, you can have a listen below.


This is a drum machine with 17 drums representing different cultures. The copper pipes have release valves triggered by a midi signal creating programmed rhythms of contemporary and ethnic compositions as well as mimicking the rain at times. You can see and hear this at the Cedar River Watershed Education Center near Rattlesnake Lake outside of Snoqualmie, Washington. Artist Dan Corson #midi #drummachine #drums #rain #nature #washingtonstate #drumcircle #folk #fyp #ableton #music #culture

♬ original sound – Patrick Benson

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