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Noah Kahan Shares Heartwarming Reason He’s “Been Touring For So Long”

Two little girls crying and hugging each other at a concert.

There’s way more to being a musician than seeking out fame and fortune, and singer-songwriter Noah Kahan understands this. For the viral social media sensation turned folk-pop superstar, what’s most important is connecting to others through music. In Kahan’s case, this involves a lot of touring. While this can be pretty grueling, it’s all worthwhile when he sees his fans singing along.

In a beautiful video on social media, Noah Kahan shared some footage from the audience that really touched his heart. Two little girls were hugging each other and crying along to the singer’s lyrics. They were wearing nearly matching outfits. It’s sweet, and perhaps a little heartbreaking, to see these young children experiencing such intense emotions during a concert.

“Sometimes people ask me why I’ve been touring for so long,” the musician said in his caption. In the text over the clip, he wrote “Here’s why I’m out here.”


Sometimes people ask me why I’ve been touring for so long #fyp #stickseason #noahkahan #noahkahanmusic

♬ original sound – Noah Kahan

Many commenters could relate to the two small girls weeping over Noah Kahan’s incredible songwriting.

“This is so cute and basically sums up all your concerts for us,” wrote one user.

“Me right now listening to Noah Kahan while I wash dishes,” added another.

Although the artist’s music is often based on his very specific life experiences, there are some emotions that everyone understands on a deeper level. Boston tells us that Noah Kahan writes a lot about his upbringing in a small New England town. However, once he started posting his songs to social media, he found that people from all over the place could relate to his feelings.

Mental health is extremely important to Noah Kahan, which is why he’s so open about his experiences in therapy. His willingness to confront and examine his emotions is part of how his music strikes a chord with so many listeners.

Two little girls crying and hugging each other at a concert.
Screengrab from TikTok

“It wasn’t until I started going to therapy very seriously, and taking medication, and meditating, and making changes in my life, and re-evaluating my behaviors and my actions that I felt like I started to really heal,” said the artist.

Fame has a way of changing people, but Noah Kahan remains very genuine even as his name gets bigger and bigger. We’re betting that’s because he’s in the business for all the right reasons.

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