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Band Makes Little Girl’s First Concert The Most Memorable Ever!

arizona band

A band called Arizona made a little girl’s first concert magical when they brought her on stage to sing along with them.

The pop-rockers are getting plenty of fanfare following a post on TikTok. It shows a young lady named Chloe getting VIP treatment after the musicians noticed she was holding a sign that read, “This is my first concert. I love Arizona. I’m freaking out!”

Excited girl at concert

After spotting her, the lead singer, Zach Hannah, paused his show to bring attention to the lady of the hour. He realized why the event was so special for her. Despite being in a band, he admitted that he’d only been to four or five concerts in his life.

Chloe was lucky enough to have a front-row spot, which Zach knew was even more epic. Every time he went to a show, he was tucked away in the back.

“I have no idea what it’s like,” he told Chloe with a smile. “Is it cool?”

Chloe—beaming with excitement—nodded “yes.”

Zach took the sign and wrote, “We love you, Chloe,” and the crowd joined in to make the little girl’s night even better.

ARIZONA signing girls concert sign

Chloe Helps Arizona Then Offers the Band and Audience a Bit of Advice

Everyone started chanting “Chloe, Chloe, Chloe” while clapping in rhythm. With that, Arizona invited her on stage to help the band sing their hit Oceans Away.

The happy little girl and Zach crooned the lyrics and danced while their fans waved their phones in the air and helped sing along.


When they finished the duet, Zach asked Chloe to share her best piece of advice with the crowd. So she did, and it was the most wholesome advice a kid could offer.

“Just be yourself,” she said into the microphone.

Watch the video above to see the heartfelt experience, and don’t forget to share to help Chloe feel like even more of a star!

picture with ARIZONA band

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