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Noah Kahan Rolls Onto Stage In Hilarious Style After Suffering Minor Injury

Noah Kahan smiles wide as he rides on a scooter past excited fans

Thanks to his hit album, Stick Season, Noah Kahan’s massive fanbase continues to grow. That’s because his music is amazing, of course, but it’s also because of who he is as a person. The way Noah Kahan handled a minor injury last night is the perfect example of this. Just a bit before his show at The Greek Theatre in Berkeley, California, the iconic singer was playing pickleball. As a result, he tore his calf.

Although his injury wasn’t too serious, he was still unable to walk or stand like normal. But that didn’t stop Kahan from following through with the show anyway. That said, in order to make that happen, he had to get clever. This resulted in Kahan rolling onto the stage via scooter. From here, he was able to tell fans what happened, all in his humorous way, of course! Watch Kahan’s hilarious grand entrance in the video below.

@noahkahanmusic mommy’s brave little soldier #fyp #funny #noahkahan #noahkahanmusic #stickseason ♬ original sound – 💕 audios 💕

“So if you’re bored, it’s not my fault,” Kahan jokes with the audience.

After a Minor Pickleball Injury, Noah Kahan Finds Clever and Humorous Ways to Avoid Canceling His Concert

If you’ve ever been to a Kahan concert before, or have seen clips online, you’ll know that the singer is rather energetic. You can imagine, then, how much different this show must have been for both him and the audience.

That said, despite being unlike any of his other shows, it’s safe to say the concert was a hit! Kahan managed to find ways to keep the energy at an exciting level, something that can be seen in the clips fans have shared online.

Seeing Kahan’s dedication to his fans is warming hearts, and making people laugh, from all around the world.

“Noah I may never get to see you live but that’s okay, I live off of your videos,” one fan shares in the comments of the video, with another adding, “We really did make the right person famous.”

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