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No Toes, No Problem! Zippy The Parrot Is Living His Best Life At His Forever Home.

zippy the macaw

When Zippy the Catalina Macaw arrived at Moore Exotic Animal Ranch, he was distressed, not handleable, and missing most of his toes. Kristin Moore, founder of Moore Exotic Animal Ranch, knew she had her work cut out for her. 

Zippy the macaw
Marina Somma

It’s not unusual for parrots coming from bad situations to behave similarly and even self-mutilate. Zippy’s previous owner surrendered him to Kristin’s care because they found themselves in a bad situation. Outside of that, little is known about Zippy’s background. 

Zippy’s previous owner told Kristin they believed Zippy had lost his toes to a raccoon attack. However, frostbite is also a common cause of toe loss in birds. Though Zippy lives in Florida, overnight temperatures do occasionally drop below freezing, so that is also a possible reason for Zippy’s lost toes. 

Details of his past aside, Kristin got to work building trust with Zippy. When she began working with him, the poor bird would avoid contact at all costs, and holding him was out of the question. Through a long and tedious process, Zippy eventually allowed Kristin to approach him, hand feed him, and eventually, the fateful day came… 

Zippy the Catalina Macaw
Marina Somma

Months of trust-building and bonding led to Zippy’s progress today. “His progress has been amazing,” Kristin told InspireMore. “When I first got him, I never imagined he’d be comfortable being held. He was so scared of everything. He is so confident now, it’s beautiful to see.”

Not only does Zippy trust Kristin, but he also interacts with visitors to her zoo as well. Zippy helps Kristin teach guests about the time and commitment that parrot ownership takes. Unfortunately, Zippy’s story is far from unusual. Parrots have long lifespans and sharp intellects. They need tons of attention and enriching activities to keep them happy! This means they often end up bouncing from owner to owner throughout their life.

Thankfully, Zippy has finally found a permanent home in Moore Exotic Animal Ranch, where he lives in an aviary carefully designed to help him get about more easily despite his loss of toes. Wide, natural wood perches help him stay stabilized, and ample vegetation protects him should he fall.   

If you’d like to visit Zippy and learn more about him and the other animals at Moore Exotic Animal Ranch, you can book a tour at their website or reach out to them on their Facebook page. They offer group tours, private tours, and field trips!  

Zippy the parrot
Marina Somma

The source of this story’s featured image is Marina Somma.

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