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A Clam “Licked” A Guy In This Video. How Does That Work?!

He wasn't expecting to get licked by a clam.

A marine biologist on TikTok just shared a video that’s boggling everyone’s minds. Earlier this week, Chris Farley filmed himself holding a surprisingly rambunctious clam who appeared to be “licking” the man’s hand! The footage is uncanny, showing what looks like a long tongue emerging from inside the clam shell. Chris explained in his caption that the encounter had occurred during one of his educational boat tours.

This isn’t the first time a clam video has gone viral. Around a decade ago, the internet was obsessed with a clip of a clam that appeared to be “licking” salt off a table. However, it turns out that what people were seeing wasn’t the whole story. CBS explained that what many thought was the clam’s “tongue” was actually a foot, which allows these the creatures to get around. Nature sure is amazing, isn’t it?

Watch the video below to see Chris Farley’s close encounter with a clam!


This clam surprises everyone by going crazy. Captured this crazy video on a Flippin awesome adventure boat tour. #viralvideo #whatintheworld #crazymoments #wildanimals #marinebiology #octopus #clam #cockleclam #flman #unexpected

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