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No-Ask Proposal — Precious Moment Woman Screams “Yes” Before Fiancée Can Even Pop the Question.

excited woman

At InspireMore, we love proposal videos. From thorough engagements with the help of best friends to hilarious proposal mishaps, watching couples take the leap is one of our favorite things. But this duo had to have the easiest (and most adorable) proposal ever!

Before her girlfriend even uttered the question, “Will you marry me?”, this gal was screaming a solid “YES!”


The surprise, shock and utter happiness in this moment will always bring me back to this momebt 🥹 #engaged #engagement #marriage

♬ Sparks – Coldplay

Apparently, she was totally shocked and beyond excited. How cute is this? With excitement like that, this proposal was one of the fastest and easiest ever. I hope her girlfriend wasn’t too nervous because, clearly… she had no reason to be!

Family and friends were gathered around to watch the engagement play out. We’re so glad everyone could celebrate!

women hugging from proposal
This image is from TikTok.

And thankfully, someone filmed this easy-peasy proposal from a few different angles. It happened in a split-second, so we’re glad someone captured both angles!

This angle is precious because you can see the nerves. We know she’s about to be relieved pretty fast when she has the easiest proposal ever.

And this clip is an absolutely adorable gesture that her fiancée made after the official engagement. She proposed to her toddler, too!

What a precious demonstration of love. We couldn’t be happier for this couple!

The featured image for this post is from TikTok.

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