“After My Grandma Passed I Found The Diary She Kept About Me.”

A girl holds her grandma's old diary.

One lucky granddaughter found an incredible memento from her deceased grandma: a diary she kept while she was alive! What made this discovery even more special was that most of her entries were about watching her baby grandchild, Natalie, grow up. It’s not everyone who gets to read about their early childhood from the perspective of a lost loved one. Now, this granddaughter has a beautiful way to feel close to her grandma even though she’s no longer with us.


After reading the heartfelt words inside the handwritten diary, Natalie had to share some of her favorite pages on TikTok. We can’t help but tear up over this grandma’s sweet memories about her baby girl!

First of all, what a beautiful cover!

A girl holds her grandma's old diary.
Screengrab from TikTok

Many people keep empty journals for years because they’re not sure what to write inside them. However, this grandma’s heart was so full of love, she had no trouble filling this gorgeous diary!

It looks like little Natalie just turned one week old.

A handwritten diary laid open over a quilt.
Screengrab from TikTok

We love that this grandma kept updates about her baby girl’s health in this diary. It’s clear that she’s already fallen in love!

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