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Stubborn Dog Doesn’t Want To Leave Beach, Throws Hysterical Tantrum When Mom Says “Let’s Go.”

Remember how disappointed you were when your parents called time-out on a day at the beach after you’d spent hours running around in the sand and could go for hours more? Remember how that felt? So you can definitely understand Ninja’s frustration when his parents had the nerve to cut his play time short.

In a video posted last fall, he comes trotting out of the shoreline and up the beach when his mom calls, tail wagging high above his head. You almost have to feel sorry for the little guy – he probably thinks someone’s about to throw a Frisbee.


But then he sees his leash. And pulls a quick U-turn.


“Ninja loves the beach a LOT. We had already been playing fetch with him there for over 40 minutes,” his owners wrote. “Normally when we tell him it is time to go, he immediately stands by us and lets us put his harness on, but not this time! Epic tantrum ensued…”


What follows is a massive, 2 ½-minute melt-down filled with whines, barks and outright disobedience as he dashes back down the beach.


Just five more minutes! Please!!!!!!


Watch the tantrum ensue in the video below, and share to spread laughs!

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