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Girl Goes Delirious After Wisdom Teeth Surgery, Hysterical Ice Cream Rant Has Mom Cracking Up.

Anyone who’s had their wisdom teeth removed has at least a vague memory of the hours and days afterward. The struggle of coming out from underneath the effects of anesthesia, then going into a drug-induced fog as the painkillers work their magic is so surreal.

But what sets Karly Weed’s experience apart from others is that her mom, Rachel, was right there to capture the immediate aftermath, and it’s hysterical (we’re laughing with her, not at her)! She and her clearly delirious daughter are en route from the dentist’s office to get a milkshake, when Karly starts weighing the merits of the different flavors:


“Strawberry is from Satan himself,”she proclaims, vanilla is “for the peasants and the common people,”and chocolate? “Everyone chooses chocolate. I have to be original.â€


We  never do find out what flavor she chose, but that discussion serves as a launching point for more than seven minutes of side-splittingly hilarious, incoherent babbling.

Karly’s like the verbal equivalent of a pinball machine as she pings from one subject to another, from an assessment of her own body (“I’m shaped like a grasshopperâ€) and her mom’s beautiful legs, to random evaluations of other drivers and a vague reference to a long-ago fight that she still feels bad about.


In one of the most memorable moments, she reflects back on the procedure itself:

“She put on some good jams, let me tell you. The kind of jams that make you want to shake your booty. How does that quote go, there’s a quote … why be moody — â€

“Are you supposed to be talking with — ”Rachel interrupts.

“LISTEN! This is important! ‘Why be moody when you can shake your booty?’â€


People can’t get enough of this adorable young lady and her mother, who posted it on Facebook early last month.



Watch the video below for Karly’s full performance and share to spread this hilarious mother-daughter moment!

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