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NFL Star Can’t Stop Bragging About The Jacket His Wife Made For Taylor Swift And It’s Too Cute.

A two-photo collage. The first shows Taylor Swift in a puffer jacket. The second shows a series of tweets from Kyle Juszczyk letting people know the jacket is by his wife, Kristin Juszczyk.

As a fullback for the San Francisco 49ers, Kyle Juszczyk has quite a lot of fans. As for the NFL star himself, it’s safe to say that his adoration, first and foremost, is with his wife, Kristin Juszczyk. In 2017, she created her own fashion brand called Origin. Recently, Taylor Swift herself wore a jacket by Kristin, prompting folks to rave over the unique piece.

The oversized puffer jacket was made to represent the Kansas City Chiefs. Plus, it’s customized with Travis Kelce’s number, 87. Swift wore this adorable jacket during a particularly frigid game, and folks couldn’t stop raving over how perfectly cozy it looked. Meanwhile, Juszczyk made it his mission to make sure everyone knew it was his wife who made it.

Kyle Juszczyk replies to a Tweet showing Taylor Swift arrive to a football game wearing a puffer jacket made by his wife, Kristin Juszczyk.

OG Tweet: Taylor Swift arrives for playoff football

Kyle Juszczyk: Arriving in her jacket made by Kristin Juszczyk

In order to do that, this NFL star took the time to reply to social media posts that featured Swift in the jacket. Seriously, this guy was on every platform and replying to as many posts as he possible could!

Kristin Juszczyk’s Jacket for Taylor Swift Goes Viral

Tweet from The Swift Society showing Taylor Swift wearing a puffer jacket in Travis Kelce's number, 87.

OG Tweet: Better look at Taylor Swift's outfit

Kyle Juszczyk: Made by Kristin Juszczyk

In turn, Kristin is getting all sorts of attention, including from media outlets and fashion brands. According to Juszczyk, Kristin has worked tirelessly over the years to get her brand off the ground, often spending up to 20 hours on a single jacket like the won Swift wore. Sometimes, he’ll even catch her at 3 or 4 a.m. working on a new piece.

Tweet showing Taylor Swift wearing a puffer jacket by Kristin Juszczyk. It reads: NBC shows Taylor Swift arriving to a frigid Arrowhead Stadium in a Travis Kelce jacket

Reply from @SF49ers3: @JuiceCheck44 your girl make this?

Kyle Juszczyk: she did!

“[It was] just pure joy,” Juszczyk shares. “Just to see her get that recognition. She’s been grinding for years now, working so hard. So, I was so happy to see her get her stuff out there, everybody sees it and people recognize that it was hers.”

We love to see such a caring, supportive husband! There’s no doubt that we’ll be seeing many more beautiful pieces from Kristin in the future.

“She has every option on the table right now,” Juszczyk says. “She’s going back and forth with a few companies and some good stuff is going to come from it.”

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